Fulltext – Factors Contributing to Critically Endangered Status of Aquilegia nivalis Falc ex Jackson- an Alpine Endemic Angiosperm in the Kashmir Himalaya. Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker Accepted Name . During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Ba May PDF | During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker and Doronicum falconeri Cl. ex Hk. f. of the north- west.

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I disagree with the inclusion of the ‘Snow Columbine’ as a ‘Red List’ species either within India or Internationally it would only be included as. Marked plants in quadrats were monitored from sprouting to senescence throughout the growing season and the census was conducted after every 15 days. aquielgia

Aquilegia nivalis in Flora of Pakistan @

Lilium lophophorum low form OUT. Nevertheless, it needs to be emphasized that Kashmir Himalaya constitutes only 0. The individuals of Bumbus sp. These populations comprised smaller number of individuals at almost all the study sites.

Aquilegia nivalis

Mammalian diversity, endemicity and endangerment. Limitation on reproductive success in endemic Aquilegia viscosa Aquileegia relative to its widespread cogener Aquilegia vulgaris: Observation pertaining to the visitation behavior of the insect species revealed that the insect, after hovering, lands initially on the inner petals or on closely held style fascicle for a very short while.

Lower cauline leaves a few 6. The aqjilegia system of Liatris helleri Asteraceaea threatened plant species. The breading experiment details have been worked out for 18 plants in total.

To standardize these observations, we calculated the number of floral visitors per flower on hourly basis as the total number of visitors observed divided by the number of flowers. Recovery and restoration measures are desirable in earnest for this species and may include, besides protecting existing sites and managing habitat conditions to promote large population sizes, measures to multiply the individual from its robust rhizome which does not happen in nature but appears a possibility as the plant produces more off shoots not separate individuals in resource-rich habitats from the same rhizome.


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From flowering to dispersal: Number of non-germinated, number of germinated and total number of pollen grains on the stigma surface was determined to obtain percentage of germinated pollen grains on sigma surface. Population size, pollinator limitation and seed set in the self-incompatible herb Lythrum salicaria. Reproductive success increases with local density of conspecifics in the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri. The reproductive biology of Sophora fernandeziana Leguminaceaea vulnerable endemic species from Isla robinson Crusoe.

Proceedings of the Seminar held at Dehra Dun, Sep. Species which inhabit places close to habitation are at greater risk of being damaged regardless of any known usage of particular species. Effects of herbivory on the growth and reproduction of Picris hieracioides in the Mediterranean region.

International Journal of Botany, 6: Competition and Facilitation Among Plants for Pollination. Upper spike leaves usually absent, much reduced, nivslis present. The transferred pollen quantum in Aquilegia nivalis is much squilegia as the insect species forages on other species more preferentially than flowers of this species.

Thanks are due nkvalis the Head, Department of Botany, University of Kashmir, Srinagar for providing all the necessary facilities and encouragement required to accomplish the present study. Present day risk of extinction may exacerbate the njvalis species richness of dioecious clades.

India Biodiversity Portal

Factors controlling fruit set in hermaphrodite plants: Some remarkable features of endemism in Nivaliz Himalaya. Pollen production and plant density affect pollination and seed production in Taxus canadensis. The hermaphrodite flowers in Aquilegia nivalis are showy, nectariferous and large.


Niavlis plant life-history and ecological traits relate to species rarity and commonness at varying spatial scales. It thereafter angles downwards to anthers while brushing its abdomen and upper portion of hind legs against the stigmas.

In order to record the extent of variation in different traits across the studied populations, 10 randomly-selected, healthy individuals were tagged and examined weekly throughout the growing season to record the onset and duration xquilegia various vegetative phenophases sprouting, seed germinationsexual phases bud formation, anthesis, pattern of anthesisflowering period, type of dichogamy, etc.

Demography and extinction in small populations. Remember me Forgot password? A conservative indicator of the breeding system in flowering plants. Herbivores take a heavy toll on the populations of this species, as they browse both vegetative as well as reproductive individuals. Journal of Threatened Taxa 8 7: Developmental failure and loss of reproductive capacity in the rare palaeoendemic shrub Dedeckera eurekensis. Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy.

Although reproductive ecological studies are of pivotal importance in conservation and restoration of such threatened species, only a few studies describe the limits to reproduction at all stages from flower production to dispersal of germinable seeds Massey and Whitson, ; Pavlik and Manning, I think this probably is A.

We have not put up nlvalis paywall to readers, and we do not charge for publishing.

Population size and reproduction in Phlox pilosa. Kolahoi during the Kashmir Botanical Expedition in – there is even a photograph of it contained within the expedition report.

Reproductive ecology of an endemic plant, Astragalus australis var. Draba paysonii var treleasii.