Special Rules; Buildings; Defense Networks; Forge . Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint: Fixes many of the problems of the. You can hide a whole army behind an Aquila Strongpoint. Due to their special rules you also can’t prevent the units inside from shooting by. Official rules for using the Plasma Oblit cannon with a Macro-Aquilla Strongpoint by james_mangas_1.

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June 2, June 3, 4: What you are really paying all those points for is the Missile Silo, which has two pretty impressive profiles.

Lets look at how and why. June 3, 7: There are some additional rules for Stronghold Assault main rule book pagesbut these are just for this type of mission. The 8th Edition of 40K has given aquilw 12 Imperial Fortifications.

And yeah, it’s fair to have assumed that after you’ve spent many points they’d throw in the weapons, floor mats and cupholders for free. Very poor rules tules. You can just grab the fortification detachment anyways, which has choices in it.

This is almost as silly as the Auila Wraith fighter is supposed to be such a special and different thing despite looking exactly the same as the Crimson Hunter. Still this thing seems to look like what the Monolith wants to be seeing how it can unfold completely is just awesome. And unlike other units, they can’t benefit from most buffs. July 11, 3: June 3, 9: They include Demolitions, improve attacker heavy weapons vs fortifications by removing movement penalties, give a standard 15 wounds to bunkers and 30 to fortresses and let multiple units garrison inside each as the Emperor Intended!


Great for thematic gaming, but difficult to justify when points are tight. As discussed above one strongloint the armies seen taking fortifications was a Nid list. Still, the list remained a bit of an anomaly. What the fuck does that do?! And in my book the best one so far. I’m sorry, had a bad day. The Macro Cannon is truly impressive, firing aquilx types of incredibly high powered ordnance, but what a price tag.

Can even target flyers. Far as I’m concerned, fortifications are essentially dead, and I don’t like that what were previously command vehicles don’t allow commander units to… well, command.

Moreover their sheer size means that they provide you with a ready made LOS blocking unit. Come to think of it, a unit of five Stfongpoint in a bunker strongpoibt pretty mean. Apart from the free Icarus, most of the rules are shared with the similar fortresses above.

The gargantuan macro cannon can be removed to reveal the vortex missile array.

Wall Of Martyrs: Aquila Strongpoint

You should also check in with your ryles. Now being obscured by a terain feature does nothing unless you are on it. Where are these rules.

Does this mean that only ‘Imperium’ key-worded factions can use these? Assault armies may not gain much, but a properly built army can certainly gain advantage by taking one.


So with all these advantages are we going to start seeing more fortifications? It comes in two versions; 2 trenches which can fit about 10 infantry models each, and 3 defence emplacements that can fit 1 heavy weapon team base each. While most units hiding in vehicles cannot affect the game, a unit in a fortification can fire out, thus allowing auila to hurt the enemy while being kept safe.

Thanks, I’ve edited it to include the cover rule from pg Warhammer Tactics 8E Warhammer Tactics. They have the “unaligned” faction keyword, not “imperial”.

Wall of Martyrs: Aquila Strongpoint [PDF] : WarhammerInstructions

Other opinions are welcome — I am genuinely interested in other views on these impressive models, especially from anyone who is hoping to make them work in Matched Play. Of course GW released only one Xenos vehicle.

July 20, 8: So, the cost would be points. Still, Srongpoint think at this point the cat is out of the bag, fortifications are good, and we will keep seeing more. So build up your walls or fire up your siege drills because there is no escaping them.