Smith Wigglesworth (8 June – 12 March ), was a Spirit-filled evangelist who was important in the early history of Pentecostalism. Wigglesworth was. The Life and Faith Story behind the Apostle of Faith and revivalist Smith Wigglesworth. Smiths life should be inspiration for us all!. Smith Wigglesworth was called the apostle of faith. Find out more about this amazing man of faith and how he influenced the world.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have to say that I am really impressed with quite a few of them. We were both very zealous for the Lord and spent a good deal of time in open-air meetings. In this town he found a place where there was a Divine Healing meeting.

That was the ministry that the Lord gave me all through the years that I was in faitg plumbing business. He anointed himself with oil according to James 5. Every day for ten days we had, on an average, three good cases of salvation.

Father wanted all of us to go to the Episcopal church. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I was instantly set free from my bondage. All I have to do wiggleswoorth to smitb charge.


Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith

Clark, you seem downcast today. Aug 20, Charlie Canning rated it it was amazing. Everything changed after that. Would you like to come with smihh The report had come to them that what was happening was a very dangerous error and that speaking in other tongues was from an evil power.

I was one of the seven chosen, and I had three weeks in which to get ready for a fifteen-minute talk. The Salvation Army was an entirely new thing in those days, and she looked at these people with great interest.

Fascinating Read! Smith Wigglesworth (the Apostle of Faith) – Life’s little slices

Faith is an operative power. Even though neither father nor mother knew God, I was always seeking Him. Marcus Constantine rated it it was amazing Mar 03, It is not just the faith of Jesus—it is the words of Jesus. Third believe the Word of God. One wigglesworh I had both a thrush and a lark feeding their young ones in my room.

My brother and I wiggleswodth in the choir in this church, and although I could not read I soon learned the tunes of the hymns and chants. This encouraged the others to believe God for their healing and all the people were healed. I can remember that he said to me: Thanks for the article.


He never goes out on a job but what he is preaching all the while he is doing his plumbing work. The worst of sinners were transformed into the greatest of saints and went preaching the Gospel throughout the land.

Let’s bring people to Christ! As such, much of the book is actually autobiographical, and that which isn’t include testimonies of his close friends and relatives including James Salter, Smith’s son in law, who was an early missionary to the Congo, and also travelled extensively wiggleswortj Smith.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith by Stanley H. Frodsham

We need words added to our faith. He ate until he was quite satisfied.

Apostle Of Faith by Stanley H. Spurgeon preached to vast throngs in London and at every service many received Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.