The Apocrypha Discordia was proposed by somebody who told or posted the idea to Steve Jackson, a long-time Discordian who at the time was running a. These Books, especially the Principia Discordia have been put on the Principia Discordia, Apocrypha Discordia, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia. fnOrd! The Apocrypha Discordia, following Discordian tradition is, as it should be, a completely unofficial sequel to the Principia Discordia.

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The silverware is tossed noisily about the table. Get packages passed around everywhere like a giant game of Hot Potato.

For does not water fall from the sky to be soaked up by the earth? This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat I’m not like that. Reason is what limits the unlimited and what bars it from the primal Chaos from which we came.

Sorry for the convenience. The important thing is that each scroll has personal significance for the person who copies it, and that it is at least indi- rectly related to the goal of the invocation i. Too much chaos, nothing gets finished.

List of Discordian works – Wikipedia

Most of the orangutans we know are smarter, friendlier, and better looking than you are. In fact chaos and order exist outside of good and evil, but contain elements of both. And when Goddess heard the crowds growing restless, She realized they lacked direction. Do it for the Widow’s Son!

Full text of “Apocrypha Discordia, second edition”

So we have to be more subtle. In the beginning, these measures will probably do as intended, productivity may rise; attention of any sort will do the same, but as more stringent rules are introduced, we find that two problems arise.


Typing is also acceptable, but you can’t just cut and paste it. DrJon, and published in Touch, Earth, Conformity a drop of water or tongue, with a smile 5 lines coming up off a horizontal Booms: This got both of them arrested and tossed in cells for the night, where their stolen copies of the Canturbury Tales and their harmonicas were taken from them.

Discordianism isn’t about preaching chaos at the expense of order. Brothers and sisters, it is a cold world we live in — cold-ah! Let’s look at the closed system of the workplace, starting at a fairly even level of rules and freedoms.

And the branches of this tree are like Spears to protect it.

List of Discordian works

I made that up. You can help the Miriadic Wiki by expanding it. No-one knows why there are five people who are all called Dan. No man has yet been able to explain it to my satisfaction, but the market is abuzz with news of it nevertheless. In the natural chaos-order-order-chaos, all creatures, even cabbages, are born Innocent, and do not feel Guilt. All Discordiw should be stone cold sober.

Will take best offer. One of these is “Jake Day”. Trilogyand made many references to Discordianism throughout their music. Thanks to the work of a random idiot Rev. This work is Kopyleft, so theoretically anyone could publish it, including Steve Jackson. Most everyone is scared of crazy people. Locate the exact center of the room you sleep in the most. Once again, suits do not matter. However, the fires also liberate nutrients and send them back to the earth to feed the next cycle.


And discotdia, were his arms tired! Five paper clips, preferably virgin which, for unknown reasons, seems to make all ritual sacrifices more effective; maybe the universe doesn’t have any use for self-righteous prudes, either.

Indeed you are right, Eristotle. It would be funky to have a dicsordia copy of the Apocrypha. Buckets the Dwarf the High Priest of Astrofungus j q. When all have eaten their fill, all celebrants rise, knock their hands five times on the table, and chant the following dialogue.

Apocrypha Discordia.pdf

And-ah, brothers and sisters-ah, I know why! External Links Edit http: As that can take days or weeks, I don’t recommend it. We found a whole box full of them near a Dumpster behind Best Buy, and we mailed them to just about every shop in the mall. And we have finally started to get it through our thick skulls that keeping things from burning at any cost only increases the amount of fuel lying around for the fire that will come when we cannot stop it.

Bill Clinton, or Bil Baggins?