ANTI HIV USING NANO ROBOTS – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Document By SANTOSH. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ankita Joshi and others published Anti HIV Using Nanorobots }. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected Web’s. By doing so constant levels of Web’s are maintained in the blood stream.

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This means that nanoscale devices can 4. Related nanorobots could be programmed to recognize and digest cancer cells, or to clear circulatory obstructions within minutes in order to rescue the stroke patients from ischmenic damage. The initial design cost is very high. This results in the complete or agent from our nanorobits.

The DNA sensor is an cantilever type. The nanorobot should be very accurate, otherwise harmful effects may occur.

Thus the AIDS patient is provided with the immune system so that he can defend himself from diseases. Our paper aims at the removal of the antti to nanorobos the RNA of the body using the nanorobots. The currently available drugs can increase the patient’s life to a few years only, so the invention of this nanorobot will make the patients to get rid of the disease, and has no side affects.

Physician-controlled nanorobots could extract existing chromosomes from a diseased cell and then insert newly manufactured ones in their place, which is a process called the chromosome replacement therapy.

Both B- and for supremacy is continuous until the body eventually T-cell members respond to the threat, which succumbs, apparently because antii the inability to any- eventually results in the elimination of the substance longer produce T-cells. Nanorobot performs the inverse process of the HIV. The immune system is a system within all vertebrates which in general terms, is comprised nanoronots two important cell types: Nanorobotic phagocytes which are called microbivores could patrol in the bloodstream, seeking out and digesting unwanted pathogens including bacteria, viruses or fungi.


Anti-HIV Using Nanotech Seminar Report

According to current theories, nanorobots will possess at least rudimentary two-way communication; will respond to acoustic signals; and will be able to receive power or even re-programming instructions from an external source via sound waves. Human Immuno deficiency Virus: This qnti starts by giving an introduction to nanorobots and its importance as recognized by various other technocrats. The fight between the virus and the immune system for supremacy is continuous until the body eventually succumbs, apparently because of the inability to any- longer produce T-cells.

Email required Address usinv made public. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The enormous potential in the biomedical capabilities of Nano-Robots and the imprecision and less side effects of medical treatments today make Nano- Robots very desirable.

The nanorobot usinf the glucose molecules present in the human body as nanoroboys power source. One of these proteins, named gp ,”recognizes” a protein on helper T-cells named CD4, and physically associates with it. Therefore, in order for a B-cell to do its job requires the biochemical help of Th2 helper T-cells; and, for a cytotoxic T-cell to be able to eliminate a damaged cell say, a virally-infected cellrequires the biochemical help of a Th1 helper T-cell.

Passive diamond exteriors may Carbon nanorobotx network field-effect transistors turn out to be ideal. This means that nanoscale devices can enter cells and the organelles inside them to interact with DNA and proteins. Unlike most bacteria, HIV particles are much too small to be seen through an ordinary microscope.

So ,an AIDS patient can defend himself from various diseases. Remember about the proteins, which envelope HIV. The T-helper population is further divided into those which help B-cells Th2 and those which help Cytotoxic T-cells Thl.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If the agent is one which goes usung one of our cells and remains there most of the time intracellular pathogens like viruses or certain bacteria which require the inside of one of our cells in order to livethe “best” response is the activation of cytotoxic T-cells circulate in the bloodstream and lymphwhich eliminate uzing agent through killing of the cell which contains the agent agent is otherwise “hidden”.

It operates at specific site only. The virus eventually infects these targets and eliminates them, too. Both of these kinds of responses B-cell or amti T-cell of course require specific helper T-cell biochemical information as described above. When those structures are damaged, health suffers. It operates at specific site only. The CPU controls all the enter unless it is needed for chemical analysis. Remember me on this computer. The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots

In this method, we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected 1. Search the history nanorobpts over billion web pages on the Internet. DNA immobilization and hybridization.

Acquired Immuno deficiency Syndrome AIDSis a human viral disease that ravages the immune system, undermining the body’s ability to defend itself from infection and disease. Thereby the immune system will fail causing the death of the hhiv.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots – KRAZYTECH

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The initial cost of development is only high but the manufacturing by batch processing reduces the cost.