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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. But yau cau hdp too with idcas, 4. We hope you Likc it a lot. Avvards and English Aanacletos Party.

Tcachcr s and A 1 cohol Ai It dcpends on the day, on how long il takcs mc to jliid uri ldea t buL to draw it when I al- ready have it it takes me more Of Jess two houns. YfcS, but gcnerally doa’t pay atlention to ihcm, I prefer my own.

Thcn I docide whJch is the ]]iost intcrcsliTio ne coonfcio for me mtd thcn I draw the cartoon. Fof cxjample h sornetime ago I tiad the idea of drawjng a cartoon tn ivhtch Spasick sp- pewied ici an L as usmd. How wnuJri jnu like to he remenihend? As Konichocly who hcgun to pu. She said she didn’t like anacletps and she called her husband. They answered a few of our questions and showed us anacltos house. Finally we took a photograph of us with them.

In the interview the first thing we learnt was that Miguel’s mother’s name is Isa- bel Larraya. Her husband’s name is Miguel, like his son. They have two sons and two daughters: Miguel, Pru- den, Ascen and Nekane.

She told us that she treats them in xonfcio same way. As you know, this man is the best cyclist in the world. But we didn’t want to interview him, perhaps it’s too easy.

Citas de Joseph Joubert

We wan- ted to interview his mother. That was really difficult. His mother, the mother of a winner, the mother of the best cyclist in the worid!!! Before the interview we were very nervous. That was honible because we didn’t know if his mother wou! We bought for her a small bunch of flowers and went to her home. We had to wait for some minutes ’cause nobody opened the door. Then, she opened it and asked us what we wanted.

We explained to her all about our interview and she invited us to get She also told us that all sorts of people go to her house to see her son’s trophies and so- metimes even buses!!! She al- ways says “yes”. What a lovely woman she is!. We saw that they are really a Navarrese family: Isabel and her husband between Ioanna left and Deborah. At the background of the photograph we can see some of the many trophies Miguel has won so far. You must wondt r hy we made an inter- view to the mother anc i t toPruden orMiguel, we’Il give an answer w n i some questions: People who know me should say, but I think I don’thave much iniciative.


I go for a walk. I try to have contact with the nature -Can you be -So, money is It’s something im- portant, but I’m not crazy about it. Francisco Javier, because he was a corageous man – Your heroine Madam Curie becau- se she was an extra- ordinary intelligent woman for her time. I don’t know, Td try not to cause any problems to my fa- mily -Painter Van Gogh -The thing you most hate Hipocresy -A natural ability you would like to have Imagination and to be able to speak better than now -What would you take to a deserted island?

A lot of books and my family – What do you miss in our so- ciety? The illusion to live You’d like to be remembe- red. SC r society sells. No, I could be conditioned, but not bought. A few days before the party Irene Alvares de Eula- te and myself, Ainhoa Jimenez, started to prepare it. We had never done anything like this before, and we were very happy with it, but also a bit nervous because we didn’t know if we could do it well.

We had to organise the Party, so we had to buy the table cloth, knives, forks, spoon, To solve the problems was not easy, and two days before it we were still buying things.

Another thing vvas to orsanise the invitations for the One moment of the party: When they heard of the prizes for the win- ners they changed their minds. That day we arrived at the school at 4. With their help we finished very quickly. We were “uniformed” in the same way: Soon the peo- ple began to arrive with the cakes, re- freshments, Erica is my best friendshe is older than me, and so she is more responsible than me.

Well I went to her house becau- se I had to give her a anacletoos book that she needed. When I came back home Istumbled with a treeI didn’t see it be- cause I was thinking about a program of life in other pla- nets, I fell to the ground sta- ying inconscious. Then I was in a vvonderful dream.

I was in other planet different aancletos mine, it was not the earth. I stood up and started to walk, the streets were like ours, but in this planet there were neither woods nor trees.

Atlas Forum

The inhabitants of this planet were different from ours. They were very tall, and with three legs, their faces were like ours but their noses were very big.

The strange creatures didn’t walk like me, they were floating and sometimes they were upside down, it must be zero gravity, the life in zero G isn’t easy. Well, nobody looked at me, I think that they couldnT see me. Their fa- vourite hobby anacletps chess, they spent hours and hours playing chess. And sudenly, I heard my mum’s voice saying: Since the day of in which he had been born, until that night in which the damn Black Pest was killing him, he had devoted anaclwtos whole life to the labour of God.


He had begun as a simple sacristan, and he worked his way up to a position of power from which he could spread his influence ad fight the Devil’s servants on Earth. As archbis- hop of Canterbury, he had used whatever means were needed until there was a Minister of God in most courts in Europe, whispering advices in the ear of every king and influencing in every important decision.

Thanks to him, who had only been in Rome once, thanks to his plots, the Pope had to be considered a real prince, to be respected and feared by other realms. That was the work of all his life, that would guarantee him a place in heaven, besides the Lord and his Son Very slowly, Jean woke up.

He felt surprisingly well: For a moment he didn’t know what was it, but then he realized he couldn’t hear the laments and whispered conversations of all the priests and physicians and noblemen reunited in the adjacent room to wait for his death like crows waiting for carrion.

When he was going to investigate that si- lence, he felt a cold nocturnal breeeze entering from the bal- cony. And confcioo, in the bal- cony, vvas one of the most beau- tiful women he had seen in his long life. She was tall, dark- haired, and her face under the moonlight seemed a greek bust sculpted in silver.

What are you doing here?

Confucio | Inciclopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And I am here only to make you this question: Or, better, who cinfcio you? And, in that moment, the fate made Jean look at the mi- rror that vvas hung in the corner of the room, and he vvas asto- nished because of what the mirror showed. The reflection was that of a very young Jean Elway.

The ruin caused by age in his anaclwtos had disappeared as vvell as the pain in his lungs. In- credulous, he examined his hands, his face, his hair Strange, he had always thought angels were blond and bathed in sun- light, not in starlight and cold wind. You’re here anaclrtos proof me, to see if I’m worthy of entering the celestial realm, aren’t you? What did you do in your life?

A strange proof, indeed. But our Lord’s ways are often hard to understand. What did you do with the time you were given? Were you wa- rrior, bard or thief? Why do you call yourself a good christian? And she walked towards a door that normally wasn’t the- re.

Jean follovved her; he didn’t have many choices. When they passed through the door, they were in a place Jean knew. They were in the isolated farm of Auvernia in which he had grown. Jean re- membered it should be spring, but it clearly was winter: