As it happens, by *ahem* leveraging some systems in the game, you can in fact turn a high-quality gem plus some low-quality components into. Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide. Blacksmithing Station. The system in place for Blacksmithing in Kingdoms of Amalur is quite interesting and quite fun. Kingdoms of Amalur at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Blacksmithing uses Components to create weapons and armor from.

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That will let you find and use more components. With weapons its pretty easy because theres only two kinds of xmalur metal and wood. You cannot reforge lousy components into better ones as you can shards.

The only way to ‘upgrade’ is to sell them and use the money to buy qmalur components. This makes for a total of 89 out of 90 Skill Points obtainable in the main game. R is more similar to games were the best equipment is crafted. I just don’t really want to take the time to fix all of them.

Home Questions Amallur Users Unanswered. As mentioned in the guide the wildlife on the mainland drop materials that don’t really scale well. This means the Defense is: Then, using the scientific miracle of quicksaves, I salvaged all six of them six times and recorded the results. If blackemithing enjoy a challenge I wouldn’t go with blacksmithing even on hard mode but if you enjoy having super stats, harvesting and crafting then blacksmithing is for you.

Coronus 2, 4 22 The following sections lbacksmithing the various pieces of data related to blacksmithing, or an alternative presentation in the form of a spreadsheet can be found here. Also, if you do are in the higher ranks of blackmithing, make low end gear iron steel or azurite with only the 2 basic elements blade and hilt for example then craft a GEM into it. Post as a guest Name. It’s not really helping.


Otherwise, you will have 3 points locked into that skill amqlur be permanently locked out of one of the Basic trainers.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

Creating Mastercrafted equipment and weapons is unlocked at the highest level of the Blacksmithing skill. Trainers are NPCs who can increase one skill you have by a factor of 1, but only if you are of a certain level of skill; if you are too skilled or not skilled enoughyou cannot learn from trainers.

Is there a sort of guide on the net that tell us where to find the components and materials? Tarixia Tarixia 6 years ago 6 This is simple. If you’re a mage, then you can only use utility gems in your weapons and armor. R wiki but I think its fun to try out different stat combonations on your own. You can now harvest components from some enemies in the world. Log In Sign Up.

Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. The parts they drop are good, too.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

You can harvest components from some enemies in the world, increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits. Cloth armor helps with mana regen but is weak for protection.

Repair Kits can be bought for under gold at various blacksmithies and used to fully repair an item no matter the condition, making them a much better investment. E Starting zone is then head off to next zone which is and so on seeing as how when i enter the next zone it is supposed to lock at around the leve you entered. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Blacksmithing | Amalur Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Blacksmith “normally” and I assure you that you will not produce broken items. This item will only be visible bllacksmithing you, admins, blacksmithinf anyone marked as a creator. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. You can use gems as components when crafting equipment, and increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits. Leather ends with dreadscale. At level 3 infrequent items can be salvaged and level 6 unlocks rare items.


Nope, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Your main means of getting components will be smelting or scraping down weapons and armor you have crafted or looted, but it isn’t the only way you can get components. This means, for instance, that if you craft a Gem of Winter into a dagger with a junk blade and a junk hilt, you’ll get a junk dagger that nonetheless has the Gem of Winter effect.

You can use four components when crafting amalru, increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits. Components range from basic to masterful.

If you’ve got a cool goody and blac,smithing doesn’t break down the way you want, reload and try again.


Why not sell them? It gets a bit more confusing though when it comes to armor and shields. Start with the starter area trainers because most trainers have a min skill level and max skill level for training. Rogues wear leather armor which gives bonuses to critical amalr. In the case of Flawless I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shop that sold flawless components, so that will have to be salvaged or found towards the end of your journey.

There are “Grades” of equipment, types of material, and then your Blacksmith ability that all factor in to it. You may not care about it and its not necisarry to have crit chance but as you increase that stat you can eventually boacksmithing every attack including magic and abileties. Daemonfactor Jul 8,