An α‐θ brainwave biofeedfack training program was applied as a novel treatment technique for chronic alcoholics. Following a temperature biofeedback. Level 2: Efficacious (description of efficacy levels here). Burkett, V. S. P. J. ( ). Alpha-theta brainwave training and beta-endorphin levels in alcoholics. Thus, biofeedback training was proposed as a way teach alcoholics .. Alpha- theta brainwave training and beta endorphin levels in alcoholics.

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However, even though there has been some evidence of positive findings attributable to the use of these relaxation techniques, many of the studies involved poor methodology and results are equivocal at best. Alpha-thega Journal of Addiction11, Journal of Neurotherapy 14 3 Physiological and psychological effects of alpha and EMG feedback training with college drug users: It has been indicated that the self-induced reverie state i.

A goal of that study was to determine the efficacy of brainwave training in developing brain region synchronization and altering amplitudes of intrasubject brainwaves. Journal of Neurotherapy 12 4— Practitioner and CE Disclaimer.

Neurotherapy for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse: Subscribe to our Email List Receive great articles, specials and workshop information. In addition, some neurofeedback equipment could now automate data logging and session statistics. Journal of Neurotherapy 3 1 Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal20, Alpha brainwaves are smooth, high-voltage brainwaves in the frequency range of Hertz. Several studies have investigated the effects of alpha biofeedback training in the treatment of alcoholism Passini et al.

Compared to a nonalcoholic control group and a traditionally treated alcoholic control group, alcoholics receiving brainwave training BWT showed significant increases in percentages of EEG record in alpha and theta rhythms, and increased alpha rhythm amplitudes.


Secondly, many alcoholics and other drug abusers reported using alcohol or other drugs to relax. These clinics can serve as alternatives to treatment in private, government, or psychiatric hospitals. Successful beta-endoephin results included a increased alpha and theta brainwave production; b normalized personality measures; c prevention of increases in beta-endorphin levels; and d prolonged prevention of relapse.

Alpha-theta brainwave training and beta-endorphin levels in alcoholics.

The PKBWNT has been scientifically proven, for some disorders, to be a more efficient therapeutic intervention when compared to traditional psychotherapyand is more cost-effective over the long-term. My associate, Paul Kulkosky and I have found that combining temperature biofeedback, guided-imagery, constructed visualization, autogenic training and systematic desensitization with alpha-theta brainwave neurofeedback and booster sessions contributed to sustained prevention of relapse in alcoholics and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Alpha-theta brainwave neurofeedback therapy for Vietnam veterans with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder. Alcohol abuse is associated with cirrhosis e. Most mental health care plans will explicitly call for a reduction of bed days of care. Furthermore, researchers found that these changes in brain activity were positively correlated with changes in electromyographic EMG activity and skin temperature. If the EEG alpha-theta neurofeedback training protocol can increase the retention of patients in alcohol treatment programs and decrease the relapse rates of alcoholism, then this form of behavioral treatment would be a significant new therapeutic intervention for clinicians.

Addiction Neurofeedback Research Studies | Brainworks – UK

PKBWNT also produced significant personality changes, reductions in the need for psychotropic medications, some relapse prevention of PTSD symptoms, and in some studies, optimized the surfacing of abreactive images in Vietnam theater combat veterans. Aldine Publishing Company, pp.

The increase in alpha and theta activity were desirable outcomes of this study. Subjects in several studies alcohplics chronic alcoholic male veterans, some of whom also suffered from combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder.


As always, the goal alclholics maintaining and improving outcomes, is paramount. Human potential and personal transformation. Voluntary control of internal states: The origin of theta waves is predominately the hippocampus Michel et al. Educational workshops are available to licensed practitioners seeking information relative to biofeedback and natural health related subjects and use.

Alpha-theta brainwave training and beta-endorphin levels in alcoholics.

Magazine of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, The application of alpha-theta EEG biofeedback training for psychological improvement in the process of rehabilitation of patients with pathological addictions. An improved diagnostic evaluation instrument for substance abuse patients.

The natural history of alcoholism: The treatment of addictive disorders by brain wave biofeedback: EEG biofeedback as a treatment for substance use disorders: Manage care companies may also suggest psychotropic medications to patients for several reasons e.

After training, subjects showed significant improvement on BDI scores. Causes, patterns, and paths to recovery.

The theta rhythm state is defined as a dominance for Hertz brainwaves. An effective treatment for male and female alcoholics with depressive symptoms.

Putting our minds to it. Applicability of brain wave biofeedback to substance use disorder in adolescents. For alcoholifs information, international payments or payment options, please contact StressTherapy Solutions, Inc at or alphha-theta Email: All biofeedback systems are sold “to or on the order of a licensed practitioner” and is expected to be one of many tools within the practitioner’s tool box.

Alpha wave biofeedback training therapy in alcoholics. Native Americans, neurofeedback, and substance abuse theory: Ego functions and dreaming during sleep onset.