Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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Layering two programs and setting the modulation amounts to opposite values can also yield some interesting panning effects.

The SXL is no exception and has powerful multi-timbral capabilities. This toggles between ONE and ALL and allows you to choose between editing either one single keygroup or all keygroups simultaneously. Soloing The Current Effect Every page has this function so you may solo the current effect channel at any time. Make sure that you either do not want the programs and samples in memory, or that they are saved to disk before you proceed.

However, it is also possible to set parts to the same MIDI channel so that you can layer programs for a rich, expansive expensive? If the program name is an existing one, the boxed area in the bottom right of the screen will show: This is particularly useful z3000xl sounds with long releases. You will see this: In this way, very complex mixes can be set up.


On the SXL, each ‘module’ i. Renumbering Programs However, to match SXL programs with the patch numbers on your synthesiser, you may want to renumber the programs, so that selecting a brass sound on the SXL will call up aai similar or complementary patch on a remote synthesiser module. Deleting samples and programs is s3000xl destructive.


In all of the sample pages, you may select between them via the three SMP soft keys. The FIND function does not work with floppy disks.

If you intend to use LF01 for something other than vibrato i. Although selectable as a mod source, it is not that worthwhile because this is hardwired via the manhal follow parameter.

Naming Files – The Name Key The speed with which the key is released can be used here to affect the release rate positive values mean that a fast release lengthens the release rate, and vice versa.

Akai S3000XL Manuals

Setting it higher than this will, of course, turn the overall level up but it will reduce the amount of overhead for dynamics. Even if you’re a seasoned programmer, we hope that there is information in this manual that you find useful. No doubt you will find mamual of your own. This manuall variable between very slow for such effects as auto panning and filter sweeps and fast for vibrato and other effects.

You can also use the numeric keypad for this, setting the program number to a value of between 1 and these are MIDI specification limits.

This would normally be used to mix the levels of different programs and is the equivalent of a mixers fader control. You may also switch s300xl effects routing to OFF. Simply press the NAME key and enter a name of up to 12 characters from the front panel keys. Formatting And Arranging The Flashrom In this example, you have loaded a variety of programs some of which have the same program number, others of which are non-sequential.

This manial that key position will affect overall loudness. All other programs will be unaffected.


Enter text from picture: Pressing it again will reverse the sample back to its original form. It can be time consuming but it will be worth it if you ever have a problem with your hard disk! This, of majual, is the most drastic of these three options.

Please refer to the above description for details. This parameter sets the time it takes for the LF01 effect to take place after a note-on. Naturally, this block editing function can be used to delete blocks of steps s0300xl well. For example, in a 7 keygroup flute program, if you were to start your run on C5 and finish at C2, the sound played on the last note would, in fact, be the C5 sample transposed 3 octaves down – the samples in the other keygroups would not be re-triggered as you cross the keygroup boundaries.

Even though both these programs originally spanned the entire keyboard, this function allows you to impose a,ai on the programs’ keyranges. The big advantage is that mqnual may load older sound library material and use it with no conversion process or editing required.

Studio Manuals – Akai

The main LOAD page looks something like this: If the IBF is not installed, pressing Bypeterpiper Fri Dec 19, 1: For example, if the rate is set to give a glide of 1 second, it will take one second to glide up a semi-tone or seven octaves.

Selecting Floppy Or Hard Disk The range is semitones. I am in search of an original s manual too!!! The Parameter Page