Buy your new AK-HC, a native high-definition studio camera system for studio/direct-to-air switcher facilities and electronic field production from Expandore. Shop B&H’s in stock, large inventory for fast shipping, great service and everyday low prices on Panasonic AK-HCGS Replacement for Panasonic. The AK-HC embodies many innovative camera technologies developed by Panasonic. In addition to a. 2/3 type IT-3CCD and spatial offset processing.

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Image Not Available Product Code: The HC features an advanced single-channel transfer system and spatial offset processing that reduces aliasing and provides an outstanding 1, horizontal lines of resolution, and 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The camera is equipped with a axis color matrix to permit precise hue and saturation adjustment of individual colors. Other functions that allow precise HD image control include: When configured for studio use, the The camera can also be used shoulder-mount for EFP applications.

Panasonic AK-HC3500

Advanced picture enhancing features including: The AK-HC’s multi-format capability makes it perfect for demanding broadcasts and program production at home and abroad. Panasonic’s single-channel transfer system and spatial-offset processing technologies improve signal modulation depth and reduce moire. It’s also effective when shooting standard scenes because it avoids aliasing akk artifacts which can be unattractive for onscreen talent.


Convenient features include a backlight on the rear operation panel for improved operation in dark settings and an SD Memory Card slot for easy storage of user settings. A movable optical connector is also provided to reduce stress on the optical cable.

Panasonic AK-HCGS Replacement for Panasonic AK-HC | B&H

These include optimal weight balance, boosted efficiency when used with a qk unit, and a low center of gravity for more comfortable handling. Thanks to this advanced design, the AK-HC helps to reduce user fatigue while assuring exceptional efficiency both in the studio and at outdoor venues. Just slide the camera in the build-up unit to complete mounting.

Master Set Up Unit. DRS helps assure high image quality when shooting extremely contrasty scenes. Thanks to its cine gamma curve, the AK-HC can produce pictures with the same kind of tonal beauty, natural gradation, and rich colors you get with film recordings.

The vector variable masking circuit allows precise and independent hue and saturation adjustment of individual colors. Separately defocusing two skin tones helps tone down wrinkles and dull areas to produce beautiful, hc35000 textured results when shooting people.


Enhanced DTL signal processing ensures superb picture quality with minimal noise in horizontal and vertical directions, as well as in the image’s dark and brightly lit areas.

Panasonic AK-HC | AK HC | AKHC

The AK-HC incorporates Panasonic’s extensive broadcast camera design know-how to provide even easier operation.

In response to customer requests, we have made numerous improvements over prior models. With cable-free mounting onto an optional build-up unit and minimal difference between the viewfinder’s and the camera’s optical axes, the AK-HC provides the high maneuverability required for shooting. GBR Image sensing method.

Total Number of Pixels: Effective Number of Pixels: High Resolution Color Viewfinder. AV Switcher and Mixer.