Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth. Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq PI By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Translated b y Shavkh Hamza Yusu f The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the. The present study is an attempt to restore the text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by comparative and comprehensive study of its manuscripts. This thesis also aims to .

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As a general rule, no one is blamed unless there is a reason for it. A ahmar man is not expected to have more than taqwa. Organize your time in a manner appropriate to the time-specific needs using gentleness and toleration. Allah maintains the respect of he who preserves His reverence.

The Poor Man’s Book of Assistance

Organize your devotional practices, and you will find your time extended due to the barakah [blessings] in it. And Taqwaa [awareness of Allah] is vast. I have also seen that the seekers of this age are afflicted with five things: The affair belongs to Allah.

Let your main concern be to remove from your outward state anything displeasing, and then continue to work on your outward state through continuous counsel. These principles are divided into seventeen chapters which consist of unequal and loosely related qawaid.


The Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq | The Ideal Muslim Man

The Truth is clear, and its details are weighty and significant. Saiqa rated it it was amazing Jul 27, In all of this, depend upon a clear path you can refer to, and a foundation that you can depend upon in all of your states.

A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth and was ahkad by his grandmother, an accomplished jurist in her own right. A faqih without correctness is incompetent. A faqih is not expected to be anything other than correct. Any propensity toward creation is by nature the lack of such toward the truth.

Anyone lax in these matters is distant from Allah. Furthermore a servant is never free of either blunders, or shortcomings, or lassitude.

Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq 3 Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Know – may Allah give you and us success, rectify our worldly and otherworldly lives, and grant us adherence to the way of the Truth in our journeys and our sojourns – that repentance taubah is a key, piety taqwa is vast, and uprightness is the source of rectification. Literary theory Critics Literary Prizes. Never demand a right from anyone whether an intimate or a stranger.

Indeed, should you miss some of your practice at a given time, redress it later. Do not learn it for the sake of gain thereby making it an argument against yourselves rather than an argument for yourselves and against other people. This is so because if you go down to his level, he will show you contempt. Whereas if you attempt to raise him up to your level, he will abandon you.


This group continued to base themselves on the command of Allah and those who opposed them did not harm them until the command of Allah came. And be very wary of either harshness or laxity. Leave them but in the best way.

However when aims, purposes and aspirations are similar, people tend to work together toward a common goal. Abdul Gafffar rated it it was amazing Jul 21, This is from al-Qawa’id by Zarruq with some additions Things are judged according to what is intended by them. The affair belongs only to Allah. All of this is epitomized in the words of the poet when he said: Emma rated it really liked it Oct 27,