Twelve Red Herrings [Jeffrey Archer] on Many of the 12 stories here, all of which feature false clues and twist endings, are based on “known”. Twelve Red Herrings is the third collection of irresistible short stories from master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and. First published in UK hardback – Harper Collins UK paperback published – Pan Macmillan. Expect the unexpected A wrongly convicted murderer.

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I recently read a review for his book Twelve Red Herringson MS and I decided to write a detailed review, so that anyone of you who has missed this book would be prompted to read it, ASAP: I didn’t care for the central character Consuela at all, which I think detracted from archwr entire experience of reading the story.

Twelve Red Herrings

Overall, the book jeffrfy an enticing and comical adaptation of the everyday world we live in. The King 12 Black Dagger Brotherhood. IN short story collection Jeffrey Archer.

Granted, it’s still clever, yet there’s not enough of a build up for the twist at the end. The final punchline falls flat because it’s aimed at the wrong character. Among the novels, which Jeffrey has written till date.

Twelve Red Herrings: 12 Short Stories [used book]

Each of the stories has an unexpected twist in the final moments. On reading your review, I recollected jeffery I have read this book a couple years ago sheepish grin ; Yes, I had enjoyed it at the time, will borrow and read it once again, as I am a great-short-story fan. Quotes from Twelve Red Herrings. I bought this one a couple of years ago, when the author was in town.


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Archer remains the master of the short story. Oct 02, Kerrie rated it really liked it. I was going to go 3 stars, but the side plot was quite humerous!

Twelve Red Herrings by Jeffrey Archer

Timeo Danaos is about a bank manager Ted Becker who considers himself a ”born entrepreneur” but is actually a miser looking out for cheap bargains. The central premise is again quite ludicrous – our protagonist abandons his evening duties after spotting a gorgeous lady entering the theatre.

There are plenty of twists and turns and plenty of excitement to keep us engaged! Can anyone be that foolish? Mar 28, Ajisha Mohan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of these stories have twists and some have irony, but archeer all have that exceptional phrasing that I have come to expect from Mr. Books – Category Description.

Kane and able is my altime fav! Just perfect, but if you burn it, it drains all the juice. Thanks for the Mr Jeffrey Archer and all the very best for you future creativities.

An OTP has been send to your mobile. We’ll contact you shortly. His political career, having suffered several controversies, ended after a conviction for perverting the course of justice and his subsequent imprisonment.

Often it felt like the author’s thoughts didn’t translate to the page, or that the editor felt the missing information led to the ambiguity of the story.

This is a quality review. He is an amazing writer, be it novels or short stories. If this is the sting in the tail or a mistake can someone please explain it?


The book is a collection of twelve short stories, each more thrilling and exciting The last story has four endings to it, all with some kind of emotion to the ending.

It never quite works hard enough to explain itself – we can all imagine what occurred or led to the circumstances of the story, yet we aren’t given enough details to formulate a general hypothesis. One Man’s Meat is clearly, the piece d’ resistance of this book.

Nov 09, Petrina Wetzel rated it liked it. In each tale, human beings are given an opportunity to seize, a crucial problem to solve, or a danger to avoid. Archer ke baara teer -part 1,2,3,4 so that u arcyer ge Archer is always worth it!

I love jeffrey Archer!

Jan 01, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: It is divided in twelve short stories. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Thank god for the char limit else we wud have had the online version copy of 12 red herrings ;- ;- Just for the sake of it. The enscription on Deerings arm and on Mortimers jeffreu both include the year ” I did, however, feel that the As the title suggests, each one of the stories has an unexpected ending.

In the reader experiences each alternative.